Back to where it all started…Greece!

So I decided to go back to where I started off – Greece. I’d only ever visited this villa in Crete with my family and knew that this country had so much more to offer, everyone used to brag about how “incredible” Greece was and how I needed to explore, and of course I was not disappointed – I decided to do some island and city hopping to really experience the Aegean islands and the country.

From the mythical history to filling up on the local dishes and dipping my toes in the blue sea I fell in love. The first island I visited was Santorini and wow – what charisma it has. Whenever I think of Santorini I’ve always dreamed of staying in those white pretty houses with beautiful pink flowers overlooking the sea, so I made my dream a reality.

First stop was Oia – north of the island where these postcard pictures I’ve always dreamt of were! Just as I imagined! We hired a villa here through Home & Away – the perfect resource for travellers, usually aimed at larger groups or families, this villa was a traditional ‘cave villa’ built into volcanic rock to ensure coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. It slept up to 5 people with breath-taking views, an indoor winery and even an outdoor hot tub – I was in heaven! Prices averaged around £200 per night (but split, it’s not so bad!) and I really highly recommended it! You can find the link here!

Of course, if you’re on a budget this is probably not the best option but splitting between a big group of you can sometimes work out cheaper dependant on the villa you choose! Alternatively, Air BNB and Hostelworld offer some budget accommodation so it really depends what kind of trip you are after!

By sunset, I was out at Oia Castle with the friendliest of locals drinking ouzo and raki whilst capturing the sunset (a very tipsy shot!). Being the massive foodie that I am I really wanted to try a range of the local dishes and I know Greece is one country that really prides itself in its food (or so I think).

There were some amazing restaurants here where you could watch sunset, but of course quite pricey however nevertheless I had some amazing seafood at the ‘Catch Bar – Restaurant’ however if you’d prefer to opt for a cheaper eat of grilled Greek Food (after all I was here to try traditional local cuisine) then go for a local stall / street foods – they are so tasty.

I opted for a Gyros and it was amazing! Cheap, quick and just what I expected (right by the bus stops) or…. if you want something a little more authentic than moussaka at “Laokasti Restaurant” is a must try!

So all in all, what do I think? To describe it in 3 words – an unreal island. I could probably talk about it for hours but I can always come back to talk about this place another time – I’ll definitely be going back as well!

Catch you at the next blog post 🙂

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