Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Let me just start with a little bit about me, my name is Roland Hinkson (you guessed it!) and I have caught the travel bug (guilty!) But, where did this all begin?

My passion first ignited from a trip with my family to a beautiful villa in Crete. There was one thing that really stood out about this villa aside from the beautiful décor, amazing pool and to die for views and that was a canvas. Now, you probably are going to think I’m mad as to why a canvas would be of such significance on this holiday but these words really stuck in my head and have now, completely changed my life.

So, I was about 17, still studying and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with myself. This canvas spoke to me, the words said “Adventures are the best way to learn” and I really thought to myself, what am I learning being stuck in education when really I hated it? I was a sucker for school and was never really fond of any of the subjects I was studying, unlike some of my friends who had really settled, I just wanted to get out of there ASAP. And, of course, don’t get me wrong – education is important, but to me, it seemed there was so much more to life than that and my heart needed to wander!

On this trip I grew a love for this country especially the sandy pink beaches, the rich culture and the mountainous villages and decided I wanted to action those words, so that’s what I did, packed up and left everything behind to explore the world – blogging my experiences of all the amazing countries I visit! And so far, it really has been a life changing experience however cliché that sounds…

So that’s a bit about me, my love for travel, and the reason for this blog. Check out my posts for info on my travels – these will include tips and advice for the places I’ve been for people like YOU who may be considering following my path!